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Who you select to capture your day matters.

When your wedding is over, what will remind you of that day?

Will it be the smell of the flowers in your bouquet?

The taste of the food you served at dinner?

That flavor you decided over for the cake?

Or will it be the dozens of photographs that will decorate your walls and be shared with your loved ones?

Will it be the photo captured of mom (or the one who seemed like a mom through your life) as she pinned on the boutonniere?

Or the emotion of your future husband or wife as you walked down the aisle?

Will it be the way grandma busted a move on the dance floor? Or the way your friends and bridal party danced the night away?


Or will it be the images of all of the little details that you spent so much time deciding over to create the vision of the day you always dreamt of?

No matter what, good photography will make sure that those memories never fade, even after the music ends, the flowers dry up, and the cake gets eaten.

I believe that the photographer/client relationship needs to be a special connection.  Because of that, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation.  

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Reserve your session today!

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